Vibrant during the day,

mysterious at night.

Where you can gaze into the heavens

and tower down over endless landscapes.

We welcome you to the world of Throne and Liberty,

where boundless wonder and excitement

are waiting for you.

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Prepare yourself for a world of limitless possibilities.
Star Children

Echoes of stories from long ago tell the origin of the

Star of Silaves. It is said that the stone that sealed the

Goddess of Destruction shattered and its fragments

scattered around the world like stars in the sky.

Those born with the power of these "stars" became

known as Star Children.

Captain Davinci's Resistance Army

Revil Lupius seized the throne of Solisium with the backing

of the Arkeum Legion and began a brutal war. Davinci Aron

and the leaders of several guilds formed the Allied Resistance

Forces to stop the cruelty of the Arkeum Legion.

Calanthia's Raid

To prevent the Star Children from becoming exploited as

tools of war, wizard and resistance member Yan Junion

was tasked with protecting them in secret. Despite his best

efforts, the island they were hiding on became known

to Kazar, the commander of the Arkeum Legion, and the

witch Calanthia was sent to abduct the Star Children.

Kazar Simosen of the Arkeum Legions

While Calanthia and the Arkeum Legion destroyed the

island, Clay Carter managed to evacuate the Star Children.

However, Kazar's greater ambitions and lust for absolute

power impelled him to relentlessly pursue the fragments

of the Star of Silaves.

For the Freedom of Solisium

The Star Children survived in seclusion and grew up to

become apprentice Resistance Army Soldiers. Now, you

must leave Whisp Island and head to Laslan to train the

innate power of the stars and liberate Solisium from the

Arkeum Legion.