• Star Children
    The Star of Silaves...
    It is rumored that fragments of the
    Sealstone containing Silaves,
    Goddess of Destruction,
    were scattered around the world like
    stars after the stone was shattered.
    Those born with the power of these
    "stars" were called Star Children.
  • Captain Davinci's Resistance Army
    Revil Lupius seized the throne of
    Solisium with the backing of the
    Arkeum Legions and started a brutal war.
    Davinci Aron and the leaders of
    several guilds formed the Allied
    Resistance Forces to stop the Arkeum Legions.
  • Witch Calanthia's Invasion
    Meanwhile, the wizard Yan Junion was
    secretly protecting the Star Children
    they wouldn't become exploited as tools of war.
    In 1196, Kazar, commander of the
    Arkeum Legions,
    dispatched the witch
    Calanthia to the children's island.
  • Kazar Simosen of the Arkeum Legions
    The island was destroyed due to the invasion
    of Calanthia
    and the Arkeum Legions,
    and Clay Carter evacuated the Star Children.
    Kazar continued to pursue Silaves's star
    fragments to seize absolute power
    and satisfy
    his greater ambitions.
  • For the Freedom of Solisium
    As time went by, the Star Children
    grew up to become apprentice
    Resistance Army Soldiers.
    Now, you must leave Whisp Island
    and head to Laslan to develop the
    power of the stars and free Solisium
    from the Arkeum Legions.
  • Kastleton
    A town located in the south of the
    Laslan Dominion.
    In the past, when the Arkeum Legion
    marched south to conquer Solisium,
    the people fiercely resisted, using this
    place as their last bastion.
    Later, it was the first to be liberated with
    the help of the Holy Knights led by
    Captain Davinci, and became the center
    of the Resistance.
  • Syleus's Abyss
    Greedal the Dark Mage attempted on
    his disciples the forbidden experiment
    that resuscitates people with the four
    dark elements.
    As a result, his disciples became
    Devoti called Lich, but lost themselves
    along with their memories.
    However, Syleus, the most successful
    of them,
    kept his sense of self intact
    and acquired incredible combat abilities.
    Syleus escapes from Greedal's grasp
    and runs away to the underground tomb of
    an ancient king to achieve perfection.
  • Carmine Forest
    Once a vast forest, this territory
    belonged to the fierce Kalturan Orcs.
    However, when Morokai the Turncoat betrayed
    the clan
    in exchange for the doctrine of
    eternal life,
    this place fell into the hands of
    the Arkeum Legion.
    Since then, Morokai has remained alone
    in the forest,
    living with giant spiders in an
    incomplete immortal body.
    The once lush forest has become
    a blackened forest of death.
  • Stonegard Castle
    The keep where the family of the lord who
    ruled the Stonegard region lived for generations.
    After the tyrannical Lord Fernan, who sided
    with the Arkeum Legion,
    was driven out by
    the Stonegard Resistance,
    the Guild came to rule the castle,
    proven their worth through fair competition.
    On the other hand, there is a
    rumor of a dangerous forbidden temple somewhere in
    Stonegard Castle.
  • Saurodoma Island
    A volcanic island beyond Daybreak Shore
    is home to the Lizard Clan of the
    Reptilian species.
    After a powerful chieftain appeared,
    the Lizard Clan became militarily organized
    and the island became their stronghold.
    Recently, there have been many deaths and
    disappearances around
    the island due to
    Lizard attacks.
  • Moonlight Desert
    A desert thousands of years old,
    this place began attracting attention
    after Venelux used its sand to create
    the Elemental Fusion Stone.
    Moreover, as the moonlight scales
    from the creatures of the Moonlight Desert
    began to be used as material for
    high quality clothing,
    foreign merchants clamoring to buy it
    began appearing in greater numbers.
  • Sandworm Lair
    Originally, Sandworms were creatures that
    were often seen in the Stonegard Dominion.
    However, Skultus used a fragment of
    the Star of Sylaveth
    to turn a Sandworm into a giant Demonic Beast:
    the terrified inhabitants of Stonegard
    called it Queen Bellandir.
    Afterwards, the lair of this giant Sandworm
    was designated a restricted region,
    never to be approached carelessly.
  • Akidu Valley
    A valley formed by several rocks
    coming together and rising above the ocean.
    Each rocky valley is connected by giant
    bridges, and it is under strict guard by the Orcs.
    Legend has it that Akidu, the first chieftain,
    used dark magic and made the rocks
    rise from below the surface.
    The giant bones that decorate this place are
    known as
    the bones of Gigantrite that used to
    live in the ocean.
  • Weapon Combination
    The Weapon Combination System allows
    you to freely change between two weapons
    during combat.
    The weapons can be chosen regardless
    of character stats,
    and a unique combat style can be
    created by combining weapons according
    to one's tactics.
  • Greatsword
    The Greatsword is a well-balanced
    weapon that
    combines devastating
    combo attacks with high health.
    With its earth-shattering AoE attacks,
    it instantly penetrates
    the enemy's defenses
    and shakes the battlefield.
  • Sword
    The Sword is a weapon that maintains
    high defense
    and provides survivability
    using a shield.
    You protect your allies by using the weapon
    as a crowd controller,
    drawing enemies to you
    or pushing them back in an instant,
    which allows you to lead the fight from the
    vanguard of the battlefield.
  • Dagger
    The Dagger is a weapon that specializes in
    wounding enemies
    using poisonous CC attacks and stealth.
    You can hide behind enemies with agile
    movements to
    inflict continuous Poison
    Damage and land a critical blow.
  • Longbow
    The Longbow specializes in long-range sniping,
    binding enemies from behind,
    and dealing amplified damage.
    It can also be used to accelerate the
    health recovery of
    party members,
    making it a huge asset to your allies.
  • Crossbow
    The Crossbow is a weapon that allows
    you to fight in style
    with fast movement
    and unrelenting attack speed.
    You can leave marks and unleash a
    merciless barrage
    on enfeebled enemies,
    taking them down in an instant.
  • Staff
    The Staff is a weapon that allows you
    to freely control the elements.
    You can deal devastating damage with
    explosive magic attacks,
    and lead the battle in your favor with
    AoE magic when facing
    multiple enemies.
  • Wand
    The Wand is a weapon that supports
    friendly players with healing magic and buff skills.
    A curse skill that not only helps your party survive
    but also weakens enemies can
    maximize friendly players' damage.
    It's particularly effective in boss raids
    or team battles.
  • Dynamic Event
    A Dynamic Event is an open-field hunting contest
    where players compete for rank by collecting
    event items in a limited amount of time.
    Each Region has unique tactical elements
    for quick item collection,
    which can lead to dramatic upsets and victories.
  • Taedal's Tower
    A solo dungeon with multiple floors.
    Each floor has different bosses with
    different patterns.
    To defeat the boss quickly, you need to master the controls and quickly figure
    out its weak point.
    As you climb the tower, more powerful bosses
    will stand in your way and push you to
    your limits.
  • Boss Raid
    In the vast field, powerful bosses appear
    As there are valuable rewards at stake,
    solo, party, or Guilds are required to
    cooperate and compete.
    You'll feel the massive scale of these battles,
    especially for the Archbosses which
    require dozens
    or even hundreds to cooperate on a
    server-wide scale.
  • Dimensional Circle of Paula
    An instanced dungeon that requires a party
    of 6 to progress.
    It consists of 'Breakthrough Sections' which
    require the party's teamwork in battle and
    a 'Boss Section' where you have to solve puzzles.
    Since this dungeon can only be tackled with
    a limited number of people
    both the party's teamwork and skilled play
    are required.
  • Conquest Battle
    Competitive content for guilds to
    conquer Boonstone and Riftstones.
    For a successful conquest, you require
    a complex strategy that considers
    the geographic traits of each region
    and the world's environment.
    Successful guilds can raise their guild
    flag on the world map and obtain special buffs.
  • Siege Warfare
    To win in Siege Warfare, you have to
    deploy all of your guild's strategy and tactics.
    Various creative tactics are possible
    such as infiltrating a castle with Gigantrite,
    or transforming into a Siege Golem to
    carry the Guild members over the castle walls.
  • A Living, Breathing World
    Every moment in the world of TL
    changes naturally,
    just like real life with day and night
    and rain or strong wind blowing unpredictably.
    This not only changes the appearance
    and structure of the world
    but also affects the battlefield and can be
    used to change the tide of battle.
  • Dynamic Combat
    TL's combat transforms various
    aspects of battle
    through different weapon combinations
    including unique Defense Skills for
    each weapon.
    You can experience dynamic combat by
    instantly backing away in a crisis or
    stunning enemies by backing them
    up against the walls.
  • Transform and Adventure
    Players can freely transform into
    countless forms.
    By using a Piton, you can transform into
    a bird and soar into the sky,
    or move quickly on land and sea by
    transforming into an otter or a jaguar.
    Through this, you can explore
    TL's vast seamless world with ease.
  • Guild Community
    If you've joined a Guild, you can enjoy
    massive Guild-sized battles
    or take part in countless other content with
    your members.
    As the Guild grows, content is unlocked
    based on the Guild Level and the rewards
    also improve,
    so the growth of the Guild is connected to
    your growth as well.